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Gail Baker

Spend the day enjoying the process of discovering a wild selection of ways to free yourself up as you make art. Here’s your chance to play with art, ideas, self-exploration, and creative improvisation in a safe, supportive environment with an experienced painter-creator. Gail Baker shares her enjoyment of the creative process and love of using art to express and discover what’s possible. Have you ever wondered what else you might like to make with paint and other materials like Gelli Plate, deli collage papers, textured ground, and acrylic skins? Would you like to take your art farther and deeper? What might you do if you let go just a little more? Join this class to wander into new territory, to give yourself an infusion of energy, clarity, and empowerment. Even if you’ve taken a similar workshop before, play with new materials that will inspire you to explore fresh territory. Prerequisite: Any previous painting experience at any level. Materials list provided upon registration.

$80 Bravo member / $90 non-member + $25 Materials fee

Wednesday, August 24 10am - 3pm

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Jennifer Van Pelt

Monoprinting using a Gelli Arts Gel plate is simple and fun! Learn techniques for creating texture, layering, using resists and more with the 6“ x 6” Gel Printing Plate, brayers, paint, stencils and a few other tools and found objects! This fun method of printmaking with this revolutionary printing plate enables a faster, friendlier approach to printmaking. Make creative, unique prints to be used in your mixed media art, greeting cards, quilt making and more!

$48 Bravo member / $54 non-member + $15 Materials fee

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Amanda Rouse Letscher

The ancient process of marbling goods has been used by many cultures through time and each culture has a slightly different production process. In this class, use modern techniques to marble paper and cotton fabrics. By floating thinned paint on a gel bath and lightly agitating it with a variety of tools, unique patterns and designs, similar to smooth marble or other stone, will emerge to be transferred to paper or fabric. You will gain the skills to marble almost anything at home; for clothing, pillows, curtains, book binding, collage and more.

$48 Bravo member / $54 non-member + $12 Materials fee

Saturday, October 15 10am - 1pm

Sunday, December 4 1 - 4pm

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PAPER TILES Ages 15 - Adult

Bhavna Mehta

Cut and layer paper to create colorful tiles. Explore symmetry and how to balance large and small shapes within the small format of a single tile. Create 2 different sizes of tiles, starting with a small size and then expanding to more design, color, and complexity for a larger tile. All materials included.

$64 Bravo member / $72 non-member + $6 Materials fee

Monday, September 19 2 - 6pm

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Jennifer Van Pelt

Bible Art is becoming a very popular way for people to express their connection to God's word and the inspiration they get from it. Learn the basics of how to best do art in your Bible without destroying the pages, what mediums work well and under what circumstances. Then get inky as you learn several different techniques such as pen and ink, colored pencil, collage, painting, drawing and working with rubber stamps and stencils directly in your bible or art journal. Please bring a bible, art journal or blank sketchbook in which to work.

$48 Bravo member / $54 non-member + $20 Materials fee

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Lauren Becker Downey

Set your intention for the new year. Using images, pictures and affirmations, create a collage to conceptualize your goals, dreams, wishes and desires. The idea is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires. A vision board is a powerful, visual representation of all the things that you want to do, be and have in your life. Looking daily at your board provides a reminder of and can be a source of motivation towards achieving your dreams. Focus your attention on the things that you want to attract in your life.

$29 + $6 Materials fee

Call or Email us with some dates for a 2-hour private class with a minimum of 4 people.

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