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Art classes, workshops and camps for children are taught by instructors experienced in working with children of all ages. Some instructors are multi-subject and art specialists with California teaching credentials. All are experienced artists. Class sizes are meant to be small, usually less than 10 students. We place great emphasis on positive feedback and individual creativity while gently guiding students in basic skills. The focus is on the experience, the process and skill building during the steps of making art. The finished product is not the only goal, it is a step along the way in a quest for learning. It is our hope that students will enjoy their experience and be motivated to pursue their own artistic interests.


TEXTILE ART 4 weeks Ages 7 and up

Lauren Becker Downey

In this 4 week after-school hands-on art class, explore a variety of fiber art techniques. These may include weaving, sewing, painted or printed fabric using dyes or paint, color exploration, basketmaking and more. Makers of all ages are invited to enroll in this satisfying introductory course.

$81 Bravo member / $93 non-member + $20 Materials fee

Weds, May 20, 27, June 3 & 10 4 - 5:30pm

Thursdays, June 4, 11, 18 & 25 4 - 5:30pm

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Lauren Becker Downey

Bring a pair of clean canvas shoes and express yourself by decorating them with acrylic paint. Sneakers provide a great surface to cover with color, pattern, words and images. Transform your feet into an art gallery.

$42 Bravo member / $48 non-member + $10 Materials fee

Sunday, May 24 10am - 1pm

Tuesday, June 30 1 - 4pm

Saturday, July 18 2 - 5pm

Monday, August 10 9am - 12pm

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June 22 - 26 Monday - Friday 1 - 4pm

Throughout the week, campers will learn about the art and life of famous artists through art projects that emphasize techniques or imagery similar to those represented in their known work. Based on each artist’s particular style or era, and their contribution to the world of art, campers will create some terrific art work. A variety of media will be used which may include watercolor, color pencils, colored paper and markers. Artists might include Klimt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso.

$180 Bravo member / $210 non-member + $25 Materials fee

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GLOBE TROT WITH THE ARTS ~ Journey through Asia! Ages 7 - 11

July 20 - 24 Monday - Friday (half & full day options)

Join Bravo School of Art and Theatre Arts School of San Diego for an exciting, fun-filled week of creativity, imagination and unique experiences as campers travel around the world through the Visual and Performing Arts!

Welcome the morning at Theatre Arts School of San Diego. Campers will embark on an adventure as they explore different areas of the theatre such as acting, improvisation, stagecraft, and more! Travel to the Chinese Opera with the art of Bian Lian (Face Changing Masks), to Indonesia to explore Shadow Puppetry, and to Japan as we learn how to apply Kabuki makeup!

Campers will enjoy an hour of outdoor supervised playtime and lunch, then head over to Bravo School of Art’s studio classroom to continue the creative globe trotting. Hands-on folk art projects from China, Japan and Indonesia may include printmaking, weaving, drawing, painting, making fans, masks, puppets and more.

Full Day Camp Both schools, includes 1 hour of lunch & playtime

9 am - 4 pm $357 + $40 supplies fee

Morning Arts Camp at Theatre Arts School of San Diego

9 am - 12 pm $210 + $10 supplies fee

Afternoon Visual Art Camp at Bravo School of Art

1 pm - 4 pm $210 + $30 supplies fee

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August 10 - 14 Monday - Friday 1 - 4pm

Your child will spend five afternoons exploring a variety of fiber art techniques. These may include weaving on a frame loom, painted, printed or dyed fabric, hand sewing, felting, basketmaking and more.

$180 Bravo member / $210 non-member + $30 Materials fee

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Bravo School of Art • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd Studio 206 San Diego CA 92106 • 619-223-0058