Knitted Scarf
Student Retro Tapestry Weaving
Silk Painting
Bohemian Style Dish Towel
Bordado Fastasia:



Aaron Hughes

Using the Continental style, learn to knit and purl, cast on, and bind off. Build on your new skills by learning garter stitch, stockinette, reverse stockinette, and seed stitch to create a beautiful and functional scarf comprised of textured stripes. So easy and fun! As you progress, time will be spent on basic pattern reading, trouble-shooting and choosing the right tools and yarn for any project. By the end of class, you’ll be well on your way with the skills and tools to complete the scarf you’ve begun. A short materials list provided upon registration.

$64 Bravo member / $72 non-member + $8 Materials fee

Saturday, November 18 9am - 1pm

Sunday, December 10 2 - 6pm

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Lauren Becker Downey

Create a 60‘s and 70’s inspired, richly textured and tactile piece of fiber art. Think: fringe and shaggy. Learn basic weaving techniques or, if you already know how to weave, tighten up your skills with more advanced work. Using a frame loom, weave your free-form, organic wall hanging. These amazingly textural pieces are back in vogue and you will be the envy of all your friends. Please bring a heavy dinner fork, scissors and wear your love beads. Peace & Luv.

$156 Bravo member / $180 non-member + $29 Materials fee

Tuesdays, November 7, 14, 28 & December 5 6 - 9pm

Wednesdays, November 15, 29, December 6 & 13 10am - 1pm

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SILK QUICKIE Ages 6 - Adult

Marjorie Pezzoli

Using heat set non-toxic dyes, learn a simple and fast technique for hand painting on Habotai silk. As dye dries on the fabric, you’ll see beautiful colors and textures form. The silk can be used as a scarf to wear or as a decoration for your home. What a quick, simple, fun and easy way to get your creative groove going! Please wear painting clothes or bring your apron. All supplies, including two 8" x 54" scarves, will be provided. After class, enjoy a stroll through Liberty Station’s galleries, studios, museums and restaurants.

$20 Bravo member / $24 non-member + $20 Materials fee

Sunday, December 3 1 - 2pm

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Jean Degenfelder

Combine silk and merino wool to create a special scarf to use or give as a gift. Making felt requires standing and some exertion to mat, condense and press the roving into a non-woven cloth. The finished piece is approximately 90"x 18". Please bring a bath towel. All levels of creative ability are welcome.

$56 Bravo member / $63 non-member + $29 Materials fee

Sunday, November 12 1 - 4:30pm

Monday, December 4 1 - 4:30pm

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Marjorie Pezzoli

Paint a silk scarf using the Serti Resist (closing or fence) method where designs are outlined with a resist and the color stays within the outlined areas of the design. Simple line drawings, your favorite doodles or color blocking can be painted on a silk Habotai scarf for you to wear or hang on your wall! Practice your skills on a small silk square before working on the scarf. Please bring a simple full-size drawing for an 8" x 54” scarf drawn in black ink (such a medium point Sharpie marker) to place under your silk. Think of coloring book drawings as a guideline for your work. Landscapes are fun to create! Do you want a vertical or horizontal format? Consider incorporating words into your design! Bring your design on paper rolled up - DO NOT FOLD. You may also do an easy abstract or free-form doodles without doing a pattern before hand! Please wear your painting clothes or bring an apron. No prior silk painting experience necessary.

$56 Bravo member / $63 non-member + $20 Materials fee

Sunday, December 3 3 - 6:30pm

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Mayra Camacho Chavez

Bordado Fantasia or “Fantasy Embroidery” is a Mexican embroidery technique that most closely resembles the act of weaving on fabric. Although its history is crowded in mystery, it is a constantly evolving technique being passed down by families and shared through social media. With each new artist, new stitches are formed. Explore this skill and learn the ways in which you can create your own Bordado Fantasia. Practice the basics of the technique, create a sampler consisting of several stitches, and be provided with a variety of resources to continue your journey in this art form.

$80 Bravo member / $90 non-member + $10 Materials fee

Thursday, November 30 9am - 2pm

Tuesday, December 5 1 - 6pm

Saturday, January 6 10am - 3pm

Sunday, February 4 10am - 3pm

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Lauren Becker Downey

If you’re interested in adding bold designs, intrigue and vibrancy to your home and are a fan of interesting angles, shapes and pattern, this decorative trend is for you! Hand paint a soft cotton towel with bold, colorful and modern Tribal style patterns from various cultures from around the world. For inspiration, look to Kilims, the American Southwest geometrics, Ikat, Boucherouite rugs, Suzani, Mud cloth and Kuba cloth, ancient Aztec motifs, decorative tiles, mud houses of Burkina Faso and more.

$80 Bravo member / $90 non-member + $16 Materials fee

new dates to come



Bring your unfinished projects and work in Bravo's studio. We'll provide guidance, suggestions, critique or simply provide you a place to work. Work on your painting, drawing, mosaic, weaving, collage, mixed media, printmaking, etc. Bring your own supplies or purchase from us. Stay as long as you like. Advanced reservations are required.

Only $10 an hour. Pay by the hour.

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Lauren Becker Downey

Use textile paints, pens, brushes and stamps to decorate and personalize a soft cotton towel to gently squeeze water from your curly locks after cleansing and conditioning. Learn to print or paint playful curly patterns and designs. Curly hair is naturally dry and any extra handling causes frizz by ruffling your hair’s cuticles. Curly hair also needs all the moisture it can get and terry cloth towels absorb too much. Keep those curls curly and defined by using your personalized smooth cotton fabric to scrunch and curl.

$48 Bravo member / $54 non-member + $18 Materials fee

New dates to come



Lauren Becker Downey

Choose a theme for your prayer, dream or wish. Add words and embellish your fabric flag with paper, paint, embroidery, buttons, beads, markers, etc. Hang your flags outside or in your window. It is believed that the prayers on the flags are lifted up and spread throughout the universe as they flutter in the wind. Everyone who is touched by that wind, is touched by the prayers.

$42 Bravo member / $48 non-member + $18 Materials fee

new dates coming



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